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Branch Supervision Policy

Supervision of Services Centre of Depository

Service Centre Identification and Acceptances Policy:-

The Company Policy is as follows.

  • Prior approval of CDSL should be obtained for opening a DP Service Centre including back office connected branches and collection centres. DPs through their easiest login can add new service centres.
  • No Services Centre should be opened without obtaining duly signed Bio-Data (including Photograph) with sufficient information in order to verifying the identity of any person seeking to open Services Center.
  • Minimum two witnesses should sign with their complete name and address. Utmost care should be taken in verification of documentary proofs with originals. Further Marketing Manager/ Marketing executive of the company should visit at Services Center head’s residence and Service Center office for identity and address verification.
  • Ensure that the Services Center head does not appear on any lists of known or suspected terrorists or terrorist organizations provided by any government agency.
  • Documents / Photocopies are of reasonable quality (i.e., documents are legible; the facial features in the photo ID are clearly visible.). Poor quality documents and photocopies will not be accepted .We do not accept faxed copies of documents due to the poor resolution of faxed images.
  • Associated persons engaged or employed at a service centre in: (i) dealing or interacting with clients; (ii) dealing with securities of client; (iii) handling redressal of investors grievances; (iv) internal control of risk management; (v) activities having a bearing on operational risk or (vi) maintenance of books and records pertaining to the above activities, shall have NISM-Series-VI: Depository Operations certificate (Refer communiqué 2427, 2558 and 3504)
  • Identification documents (including photo-identification) of all the persons engaged in DP operations i.e. Bio- Data (including Photograph), Valid Id Proof duly self attested, Valid Address Proof duly self attested, Associated Person NISM Certification, Overview of Activities, services and other daily routine works between main office and Services Center office, document duly signed by main office and Services Center office should be maintained
    • at the Main office;
    • at service centre

Service provided from Back office connected Services Centre:

Depository Participants (DPs) operate through branch offices which are connected through Back office software and provide some of the depository services to their clients. Such branch offices whether termed as back office connected branch, collection centre or franchisee by the DPs, are treated as service centres by CDSL

Service Centres operational through Back office software shall have minimum features in their back office software as per communiqué 1577. (as per rights given to the staff)

Scope of Services:
  • Only viewing rights has been given to Services center & documents collected by them are sent for processing to Head office next day by post, courier or by hand as the case may be. Norms are followed as per CDSL guideline and same is conveyed from time to time to the Service

    Back office connected Services Center DP shall collect the -

    • Account opening Forms
    • Account Modification, Forms
    • Account Closure Forms
    • Dematerialization Forms
    • Rematerialisation Form
    • P|edge Form
    • Unpledge Form
    • Delivery Instruction Slips
    • Transmission request Form
    • Other DP related forms.
    • In Person Verification.
    • KYC Verification
  • Bank office connected Services Centre shall maintain the dispatch register.
  • Back office connected Services Centre shall provide Demat services like providing statement of transactions, ledger balance, DIS book etc. to the clients on request.
  • Back office connected Services Centre DP shall correspond in writing with the clients on Services Center DP‘s letterhead on behalf of Main DP.
  • Back office connected Services Center DP shall display the name, address, registration no. contact details, logo, as well as Main DP’s details on the premises where the DP services are provided by Services Center DP on behalf of Main DP.
  • The DO’S AND DON’TS shall be displayed by the Service Centres on their display board prominently visible to the clients.
  • Verify your transaction statement carefully for all debits and credits in your account. In case of any unauthorized debit or credit, inform your DP or CDSL.
  • Intimate any change of address or change in bank account details to your DP immediately. While accepting the Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) book from your DP, ensure that your BO ID is pre-stamped on all the pages along with the serial numbers.
  • Keep your DIS book safely and do not sign or issue blank or incomplete DIS slips.
  • Strike out the empty space, if any, in the DIS, before submitting to DP.
  • For market transactions, submit the DIS ahead of the deadline time. DIS can be issued with a future execution date.
  • The demat account has a nomination facility and it is advisable to appoint a nominee to facilitate your heirs in obtaining the securities in your demat account, on completion of the necessary procedures.
  • To open and operate your demat account, copy of PAN card of all account holders is to be submitted to the DP along with original PAN card, for verification.
  • Register for CDSL’s SMART (SMS Alerts Related to Transactions) facility. If any unauthorized debit is noticed, the BO should immediately inform CDSL and the Main DP, in writing. An email may be sent to CDSL at
  • Register for CDSL’s Internet based facility “easi” to monitor your demat account yourself. Contact your DP or visit CDSL’s website: for details.
  • In order to receive all the credits coming to your demat account automatically, you can give a one-time, standing instruction to your DP.
  • Before granting Power of Attorney to anyone, to operate your demat account, carefully examine the scope and implications of powers being granted.
  • Service Centre shall maintain the following registers:
    • Inward and outward register
    • Bo Grievance register
    • DIS Issue Register
    • Physical Inventory Register
    • Inventory of DIS Booklets
  • Exception Reporting Mechanism: Services Centre staff shall report to DP Manager or staff may put-up the matter to M.D. for exceptional case.
  • Reconciliation shall be carried out by service centre:
    • The inward, outward register for all the documents send to & received from Head Office.
    • Physical inventories are tallied at regular intervals.
  • Retention of Records: All the records shall be retained for a minimum period of 8 years or as may be specified by CDSL from time to time.
Modification/ Deletion of existing service centre:

If any Services center withdraws from working with Kalpataru Multipliers Ltd., in that case 30 day notice will be given to respective clients to either shift their account to HO or any other Services center of KML as suitable to them for continuing services.

The Main DP shall inform to CDSL about the termination of back office Services Center DP within 10 days. DP shall through their easiest login, delete the existing service centre records.

DPs shall also inform any changes with regards to contact details of service centre through their easiest login

Periodic Inspection of Service Centre:

DP shall have adequate mechanism for the purpose of reviewing, monitoring and evaluating operations of Service Centre & its internal accounting controls and systems.

DP shall put in place appropriate mechanisms to ensure that their branches are carrying on the operations in compliance with the applicable regulations, byelaws, etc.

Further, DP shall also put in place suitable internal control systems to ensure that all branches are exercising due diligence in opening accounts, complying with KYC requirements, in ensuring systems safety in complying with client instructions, in verifying signatures and in maintaining client records, etc.

DP shall carry out periodic inspection of its Service Centre.

I/We confirm to abide by the above policy guidelines.

Back office connected Services Center FOR KALPATARU MULTIPLIER LTD.

registration nos:

Kalpataru Multiplier Ltd.: SEBI Regn. No. INZ000259437

Registered address: Kalpataru House, 18 Itwara, Bhopal (MP) – 462001

Member Member ID
Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd.(BSE) 3016
National Stock Exchange Ltd. 11152
Multi Commodity Exchange(MCX) 16020

Depository Participant of CDSL DP-ID 12031600

(SEBI Regn No. IN-DP-CDSL-221-2003)

In absence of response/ complaint not addressed to your satisfaction, you may lodge a complaint and reach out to us on:


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